Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Racist Joke

Jefferson Davis and Adolf Hitler walk into a bar. Davis turns to Hitler and says: "What? Is this it?"


Cage said...

Um. I dont get it.

This is my racist joke:

Three men walk into a bar, one of them is a little bit stupid, and the whole scene unfolds with a tedious inevitability...

Thats not very racist. Lets say the stupid one was of negro descent. yes.

O Graeme Burns said...

Did anyone get it? Can someone explain it to Mark for me, please? I give you 4 days, then I'll do it myself.

Cage said...

surely SOMEBODY got it?

...has it been 4 days yet??

O Graeme Burns said...

Alright, an explaination, as promised. Typically, when one tells a "racist" joke, it is a joke in which the underlying basis for the humour is racism. However, compare that to a "Blonde" joke, which is a joke ABOUT blondes. Ergo, I decided to compose a "racist" joke that was not "racist", but was, instead, about racists. As for the punch line, that, too has a double meaning. When Davis says "What? Is this it?" he is, within the fictional joke world, refering to the bar into which they had entered (bars being something of a cliche setting in joke telling), implying that he was, perhaps, not especially impressed with the establishment. However, from our perspective as readers of the joke, we can also interpert Davis's question as refering to the realtive brevity, and lack of meaning, apparent in the joke.

And thus, I killed whatever humour ever existed in the joke.

Anonymous said...

I got it, it just took me a few goes :)

we got a new flat

we miss you in this one