Thursday, January 29, 2009


My Russian cell-phone, in addition to being able to render text-messages in either the Roman or the cyrillic alphabet (a feature that promised to be far more useful than in actuality proved to be), came with a very useful To-Do List function on it. At this moment, I can offer the following sample of things that I need To-Do:

Buy new violin strings.

Email Fran.

Get History of Western Philosophy from Chris-with-a-mohawk.

Get a haricut


Yes, the origins of that last excerpt from the list is not so transparent to me, either. What confuses me most is that only Thumb and Waterfall have capital letters.

I can honestly not account for the origin of this personal memo. On the other hand, I can't bring myself to delete it, since it's on my To-Do list, and I haven't done it yet. In fact, I added to the list:

Decipher what Thumb.toilet.question.Waterfall.ship. means.

By the way, sorry for the lack of recent updates: I have no reasonable excuse, and I shall attempt to change my ways, and amend for my negligence. But let's be honest, I tend to attempt in fairly unimpressive ways.


MJH said...

As they are all nouns, with rather disjointed meanings, I would guess they are something you recorded for your teaching. Words that your students should know perhaps?

Cage said...

Thumb being capatalised is not so surprising, as its the first letter of the note and (presumably) should be automatically capatalised.

Aside from the inconsistant capatilisation, the lack of spaces also rings suspicious. Almost as if the fullstops were used _in_place_ of spaces?

If this were the case, the capatilisation of Waterfall could indicate a sentance break, making the note "Thumb toilet question. Waterfall ship."

Did you want to find the answer to the 'thumb-toilet' question?

Fifi said...

Maybe you were playing circle of death?

theflyingnerd said...

Fi is totally right. They're all functions of cards in the game circle of death.

Thumb master
Toilet card
Question master
A ship came into the harbour

Cage strikes me as someone who should know...and also one who would take the piss.

Surely you are familiar with this game?

O Graeme Burns said...

Oh God! That's it! Fi, you're a genuis (or a heavy drinker). I was trying to remember all of the rules for the game: most importantly, 1 to 6 are nominate, and the King is for the vessel in the centre of the table. I could remember 5 of the remaining 6, but not the last one, so I wrote down what they were, in the hope that the final one would occur to me in a moment of inspiration. Instead, I got confused, and wrote a blog entry about it.

By the way, does anyone remember just what the last card IS?