Saturday, August 9, 2008


I can't help feeling that there is a certain onus on the opening post of a blog to be profound, or insightful or to at least set the scene for further entries. I also feel that I may have blown it a little on that score.

I can't seem to learn to pronounce the Russian word zdravstvui. That first 'a' is an oasis of sonority in a desert of consonants. Perhaps I wouldn't have a problem if zdravstvui meant something like 'oasis of sonority', or something else that I could avoid saying. Unfortunately zdravstvui means "hello", which I could only realistically avoid if I took to being a bit of a bastard.


theflyingnerd said...

Now *all* the cool kids are blogging!
I shall read of your tails in the motherland.

katbeidar said...

You can totally avoid saying "zdrastvui"!! Just say "privet". :) It's less formal and much more commonly used among young people anyway.